Registered Massage Therapist

Calvin Shao, RMT

As a new WCCMT graduate, Calvin is now a Registered Massage Therapists as well as a Certified Kinesiologist. After graduating from UBC with a BKin degree, Calvin worked in the field of active rehabilitation by treating ICBC patients. It was through practicing active rehabilitation that Calvin realized he lacked the proper manual skills training in order to provide an adequate patient-centered care. Now, utilizing the knowledge and experience from two professions, Calvin has acquired the versatility in handling everyday patients, to athletic injuries and recoveries.

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Outside of the clinic, Calvin strives to “feel good, move good”. As an athlete, Calvin has a strong passion for weight lifting, basketball, volleyball and hiking, but also believes in trying new forms of movements and exercises as an outlet to further his knowledge about the body. However, like many other athletes, Calvin has had his fair share of injuries. After going through two reconstructed knee surgeries and a subluxated shoulder, his new resolve revolves around becoming better than his old self.
Through his long journey of recovery, Calvin hopes to educate patients, with his learnt experiences, by helping them understand their body better and to move with confidence.

Qualifications & Certifications

Bkin certified kinesiologist

Wccmt registered massage therapist



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