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Hannah De Vos, RMT

After spending three years completing her prerequisites for her doctor of chiropractic and receiving her acceptance letter to her dream school, Hannah made the unexpected decision to change routes and become an RMT. This new path lead her to WCCMT, an intensive massage therapy school in New Westminster. Hannah graduated in December of 2020 at the top of her class with a 4.0 GPA. Her three years of anatomy, chemistry, calculus, physics and nutrition courses at Douglas college helped pave the way for the journey of becoming a healthcare professional. WCCMTs 500 hour clinic experience has left her with experience treating numerous conditions such a sprains, strains, whiplash and compartment syndromes to central and peripheral nervous system injuries, nerve entrapments and much more.

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During the vigorous clinical program at WCCMT Hannah became drawn to a few areas of passion in particular. These included TMJ dysfunction, neck pathologies (including whiplash, chronic headaches, torticollis and more), and shoulder pathologies (including frozen shoulder, AC joint injuries, nerve entrapments). Hannah also spent multiple months practicing in a clinic during her education that focused on working with children and teenagers. She has lot of experience working with youth from as young as five years old to up to adolescents. She believes it’s important to teach consent, body awareness and injury prevention at a young age.

Hannah’s passion for massage therapy and chiropractic care began along side her basketball career. For five years Hannah played basketball at a competitive level and went to Catalyst Kinetics throughout her time as an athlete to receive care. Though her high school basketball days are over, you can catch her working out in the gym multiple times a week, volunteering with youth through Young Life, assistant teaching at WCCMT, and spending time reading and learning (she is an absolute life long learner).

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