Registered Massage Therapist

Jae Lee, RMT

Jae graduated from Simon Fraser University with a degree in Kinesiology in 2014 and worked as a Kinesiologist. After working in the rehabilitation field for a number of years, he realized the importance of manual therapy in injury prevention, rehabilitation, and its key role in recovery from injury. This led him to enroll in the Registered Massage Therapy program at the West Coast College of Massage Therapy, where he graduated in 2019.

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Through his school internship and outreach programs, Jae gained experience working with a wide range of clients that includes athletes to clients with chronic conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis and spinal cord injuries. 

Jae loves to use a combination of hands on techniques such as fascial release and trigger point release as well as individualized exercises to help clients to increase mobility and stability.

Outside of work, Jae enjoys staying active playing soccer and hitting the slopes to go snowboarding.

Qualifications & Certifications

Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS) Exercise Course Part 1

Soft Tissue Release Level 1

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