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Kyle Kawamoto

Kyle is a Health Sciences and Kinesiology graduate from Simon Fraser University. As an American Council of Exercise certified personal trainer and former athlete, Kyle has been engulfed in the fitness and athletic industry for the majority of his life.

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Through his football and professional careers, he has been influenced by several renowned sprint coaches, strength and conditioning coaches, olympic lifting coaches, and kinesiologists. He has had the opportunity to work with athletes and organizations including the NFL, CFL, NHL, and NCAA. Kyle specializes in rehabilitation and performance training for clients of all ages and backgrounds. 

His philosophy on training is based in biomechanics, using the Sportcore movement system to correct dysfunctional patterns in everyday movements. From this base, Kyle provides active rehabilitation, fitness training, sprint training, performance and combine training. His approach aims to optimize the strength and power that you already possess in your body and then continue to build upon it. As a former professional athlete, Kyle has lived through what it takes to set goals and achieve them! 

Kyle enjoys staying active by hiking our local trails and working on his golf game!


Sportcore Certified Trainer

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM)

Joint Replacement Rehabilitation Specialist

Human Foundations - Functional Patterns

Titleist Performance Institute Level 1

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