Registered Massage Therapist

Mitchell Santaga, RMT

Mitchell graduated as a Registered Massage Therapist from the Vancouver College of Massage Therapy’s 2500 hour full time program. He has a keen interest in the modern development of pain management and manual therapy. He believes that although we are all made up from the same carbon-based material, everyone perceives pain and becomes injured in such diverse ways that it is important to listen to a person’s needs and concerns from treatment to treatment. Mitchell focuses on treating chronic pain syndromes, sports and orthopedic injuries, and MVA related issues.

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Mitchell uses a combination of light neural based techniques with classic swedish and myofascial applications to treat the wide array of issues and concerns that his clients present with.

On his days off, Mitchell enjoys playing table tennis and following his many different passions such as music, gaming, and any new things he is interested in.

Qualifications & Certifications

Swedish Massage

Myofascial Release

PNF Stretching

DermoNeuro Modulation

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